Sacred femininity  / 2023

acrylic paint/ gold ink/ schlagmetal
canvas, 50x50

Goddesses are symbolic representations of archetypes in our collective consciousness.
Recently, the figure of Isis-an ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, love and protector of families-has begun to come to me. Isis was the goddess on whom the image of the Virgin Mary was later based. Her depiction as a mother breastfeeding her child appears in sculpture and painting as early as 2,000 BC.

The snake is a symbol of profound transformation, change, abandonment of what is old. There are accounts that say that in ancient Egypt women took its venom as a psychoactive substance that brought them into altered states of consciousness, allowing them to connect with snake wisdom.
The bordure features depictions of magical plants; Datura, Belladonna and Ruta, used with the intention of connecting more deeply with Mother Nature.

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