Materia Prima

Prima Materia/ exhibition 23-30.06.2022
University Old Library na Piasku, Faculty of Jewish Studies, Wroclave 

collective exhibition, curator: Katarzyna Bogusz 

The installation refers to the Lurianic ontology of kalabla and depicts one of its elements-moment of degeneration, the breaking of seven of the ten vessels.

God as the Infinite (Ein Sof) withdraws to make space for creation. Creation
occurs through a beam of light let into the new space. When the light is
enclosed in the vessels, some of them cannot withstand its power and break. The following then occurs disaster - shevirat ha- kelim, which is the beginning and cause of all evil and disharmony in the world. According to kabbalah, the task of every human being is to bend over the particles of the broken vessels, to collect them and release the divinity from them.

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